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Video 01: An Introduction to the law of attraction

This is the introductory video that will set the foundation to start manifesting using the Law of Attraction. You'll discover:

  • How it works and what are the amazing possibilities when used the right way.
  • Misconceptions about the Law of Attraction that can stop your success.
  • The origins of this LAW in ancient times.
  • The Basic Logic that makes the Law of Attraction work.


Video 02: What is the law of attraction

The information in this video will magnify your success with manifesting. After watching it, it will be crystal clear:

  • WHY it is called the “LAW” of attraction?
  • What the word ATTRACTION in this context means.
  • What the Universe is and what it really is capable of.


Video 03: Is the law of attraction scientific?

This video examines HOW, contrary to popular belief, Science and the Law of Attraction are fully compatible with each other.

  • WHO or WHAT makes your wishes happen when using the Law of Attraction.
  • The SCIENCE explained in this video proves that we live inn a world of LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES, you just have to tap into it to get your share.
  • The EXPERIMENT that proves that everything is connected and controlled by consciousness.


Video 04: why it makes sense to use the law of attraction

Applying the principles of the Law of Attraction makes total sense. After this video you’ll know:

  • The SECRET that explains why it makes more sense to use the Law of Attraction than not use it.
  • Why it's NEVER TOO LATE to start applying its principles.
  • How to insert yourself in the LOOP to start manifesting your wishes successfully.


Video 05: Who uses the law of attraction?

Be prepared to be surprised at the amount of public figures that attribute their personal success to the Law of Attraction.

  • We will highlight SPECIFIC TECHNIQUES used by many successful people to manifest the life of their dreams.
  • Dozens of amazing tips and tricks used by 30 superstars of the Law of Attraction will be the focal point of this video.
  • What's possible will blow you away!


Video 06: How to use the law of attraction - part 1

This video lays down the foundation to start the specific steps to create a manifestation routine:

  • HOW to determine exactly what you want to attract and WHY it’s important to know.
  • And overview of the 7-Step process required to be successful in your manifestation efforts.
  • Why you MUST start with the END in mind.


Video 07: How to use the law of attraction - part 2

To succeed manifesting you need to have the right mindset, this video will show you how to attain that mindset by showing you:

  • How to discover what YOU really want to manifest.
  • The trait you must imitate to make your wishes crystal clear in your mind.
  • How to use a child's mentality to maximize your manifestation powers.
  • When you charge your wishes with this KEY FACTOR, they'll manifest faster.
  • The KEY TECHNIQUE you must apply to not lose track of your wishes over time.


Video 08: How to use the law of attraction - part 3

Before you can manifest anything you must PREPARE YOUR MIND. This video will show you how:

  • The key factor you must apply that will release the handbrake stopping you from truly manifesting your heart's wishes.
  • What are dominant thoughts and why you must control them and how to do it.
  • What MENTAL ALIGNMENT is, why it's massively important and how to easily attain it.
  • The easy to apply technique that will guarantee all sections of your brain work together to manifest successfully.
  • How to use AFFIRMATIONS the correct way for success


Video 09: How to use the law of attraction - part 4

In this video the emphasis is in sending your wishes out to the Universe the right way. You'll discover:

  • What LETTING GO means and WHY it is important for your manifestation efforts.
  • What does “ASK THE UNIVERSE” actually mean and HOW to do it the right way.
  • This step is 100% required to make the Universe grant you your wishes fast.


Video 10How to use the law of attraction - part 5

This video concentrates on showing you ways to fortify your message to the Universe in unique ways. You will be shown:

  • How to MAGNIFY THE ENERGY of the message you sent out to the Universe.
  • How to experience the REALITY of your desires
  • The hugely important technique that will allow you to rewrite your future now.


Video 11How to use the law of attraction - part 6

After watching this video you'll be an expert in eliminating ambivalence and discordance from your manifesting efforts. You'll discover how to:

  • Modify your environment to make it congruent with your manifestation efforts.
  • Identify and eliminate inconsistencies that subconsciously are a detriment to your efforts.
  • Limiting this factor in your daily life is KEY to be successful with the Law of Attraction


Video 12How to use the law of attraction - part 7

This is the SECRET SAUCE that makes the Law of Attraction work like clockwork. After watching this video it will be crystal clear:

  • Why if you neglect this aspect of using the Law of Attraction, all your efforts will be in vain.
  • Which two things will be the result of applying this aspect of your manifestation routine.
  • Why doing this consistently, contrary to popular belief, is the secret to success with the Law of Attraction.
  • Why you must develop a daily ritual with your manifestation efforts.


Video 13specific cases - introduction

In this introductory video, we'll discover specific instructions about HOW to use the Law of Attraction for very specific and particular cases.

  • You'll understand WHY we will concentrate on these particular 3 cases.
  • We'll take a look at the MASSIVE POSITIVE EFFECT that these aspects of your life can have on achieving long term success with the Law of Attraction


Video 14Specific cases - money

Applying these specific steps will help your financial situation to improve as if by magic. This will be clear after watching this video:

  • These 4 Steps will give you the blueprint to solve your money problems with the Law of Attraction.
  • The key role that your mindset plays when trying to manifest money.
  • This metaphor will clarify the REAL NATURE of money in this world and how to benefit from it.
  • That only when this becomes part of your reality, you will be able to truly connect happiness and money in a fulfilling way.


Video 15specific cases - relationships

After watching this video, you'll know the KEY SECRETS to attract exactly the person you want into your life.

  • How understanding the meaning of this Latin expression is key to making you more attractive to others.
  • The 4 principles that will guarantee you will attract the right person into your life.
  • How a little shift in how you look at life can be all you need to find your perfect partner.
  • How to "Create Your Perfect Partner".


Video 16specific cases - weight loss

After watching this video, it will be clear HOW to, once and for all, take control of your weight and body image:

  • How imitating this Arnold Schwarzenegger trait, will accelerate immensely the speed of your weight loss.
  • The role of LOVE in your quest for losing weight fast.
  • The role optimizing your VITAL NEEDS plays in your ability to control your body weight optimally.
  • How this MENTAL GAME will maximize your weight loss, almost without extra effort.


Video 17common mistakes people make

This video highlights some “Deadly Mistakes” you must avoid to be successful with your manifesting efforts.

  • Why being aware of subconscious tendency if or paramount importance to be successful.
  • The effect that your vocabulary has on your manifestation efforts
  • If you don't add this aspect, the Universe will not grant you your desires.
  • How to avoid doing Affirmation the wrong way.
  • If this personality trait is not modified, it will spell disaster to your manifestation efforts.
  • Without this feeling, all your efforts are in vain.


Video 18specific techniques - Part 1

After watching this video, you'll be on your way to master this easy to use technique:

  • How to easily open a channel of communication with the Universe.
  • How learning to tame your monkey mind is key for this technique to work.
  • How to master this technique in 25 minutes of less.


Video 19specific techniques - part 2

You don’t have to be a religious person to tap into the power of this technique. When applied, these simple steps will guarantee your success.

  • How this universal technique can also open a channel of communication with the Universe.
  • The 2 crucial aspects that must happen for this technique to be successful.
  • How to attain the right state of mind to make this technique effective.


Video 20specific techniques - part 3

Creating this tool and understanding HOW to consistently use this, will automate your manifesting efforts. This video will highlight:

  • The 5 steps to be highly effective with this simple tool.
  • WHY this technique is so well regarded and effective in the Law of Attraction world.
  • HOW to keep your goals and what you have already achieved always present in your mind.
  • This 5 step routine will facilitate your manifestation efforts and almost magically guarantee success.


Video 21Conclusion

Here we'll make a recap of what you've learned and provide practical tips and tricks to actually apply it in your daily life.


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