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Here Are Some Hard Facts About This Market:

  1. 1
    It’s a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR industry, and it’s growing every year. According to Market Research, the Personal-Development/Self-Help Niche has been growing at a very rapid pace. From 9.9 Billion Dollars in 2016, they expect it to balloon to 13.2 Billion Dollars by 2022. There is MASSIVE POTENTIAL for growth.
  2. 2
    The Term “Law of Attraction” has about 1 MILLION monthly searches in Google and over 2.6 MILLION in YouTube.
  3. 3
    The already Known Gurus are getting old and dying, but the market keeps growing. So there is a huge opportunity to raise to a massive level of fame and recognition if things are done the right way.
  4. 4
    The Demographics are changing. Until recently, the Baby Boomers were the main consumers of Personal Development content, but that is slowly moving over to the MILLENNIALS, and the truth is, there are not many Millennial Experts in this market. Once again, MASSIVE POTENTIAL for those who play their cards right.
  5. 5
    Technology is changing everything. Millennials don’t get their information from Tapes and Cassettes anymore. They don’t even watch TV at the levels that Baby Boomers did, and even paper books are declining. They prefer to get their information in DIGITAL FORMAT. Once again, a huge door of opportunity for those who prioritize DIGITAL CONTENT.

With Statistics And Facts Like This,
This Is Simply A Market You Can’t Ignore!

Looking at all this information, it’s easy to agree that this is a massive and EVERGREEN market. BUT you might still wonder whether this niche is already saturated and full of competition.

The truth of the matter is that THIS MARKET IS HUGE and there is a TON OF MONEY being spent in it every year. Even if you were to grab a tiny percentage, you’d still make a ton of money.

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You have two options…

One, you could go the normal route. Spend countless days and weeks doing research, you learn the ins and outs of the industry; you study the people interested in self development; you research what their interests are, what their biggest problems are and then, maybe by writing blog articles or a book, you try to find a way to make money. And you have to live with the fact that all this might not work at all.


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​The Law of Attraction Blueprint 1.0

This product is aimed at the millions of everyday people who want to attract more wealth, amazing relationships, better health, great bodies and anything they desire using the Law of Attraction, but that are having problems making it work.

They have watched “The Secret”, read all the books and watched all the YouTube videos but still don’t know how to CONNECT THE DOTS to attract what they want

This people are already spending millions everyday trying to improve their lives, looking for that silver bullet that will finally show them HOW TO ACHIEVE THEIR DREAMS. Why shouldn’t you be the one getting a slice of those millions?

With this PLR you can!

This PLR Training Package has examined all the different aspects involved in using the Law of Attraction successfully and presents them in a way that is very easy to understand and to follow.

In fact, this life-changing training teaches how to avoid the NUMBER ONE reason people cannot manifest anything in their lives, even though they might have read everything about the Law of Attraction before.

But it doesn’t stop there, it goes deeper and shows how to change beliefs and how important it is to have alignment between intentions and emotions.

Ultimately, this will be your customer’s go to Law of Attraction Training if they want to discover how to manifest their dreams and desires successfully.

Here Is How This PLR Training Guide Will Help YOU Maximize Your Cash Flow

​Top-Notch Product

Developed in tight cooperation with an EXPERIENCED EXPERT who knows how to achieve dreams using manifestation and the Law of Attraction

​Evergreen Product

Given the MASSIVE INTEREST in Self-Help in the marketplace, this product will stay fresh and up-to-date with information that can always be implemented.

​Hot & High Demand

With a market that is expected to surpass the 13 Billion Dollar mark by 2022, there is more than enough demand for this product in the Self-Help Market.

​Instant Cash Flow

There are over 1 Million monthly searches on Google and over 2.6 Million in YouTube for the term “law of attraction”, proving there will always be people interested in this information.

​Done For You

Everything is already Done-For-You. The only thing you need to do is download, edit and make money. There is nothing else you need to do. Period.

​Instant ​Celebrity

Once you slap YOUR OWN NAME on this High-Quality product, you have got the opportunity to tap into the Self-Help market with the type of content that MILLENNIALS are craving, DIGITAL CONTENT!

​Unlimited Growth

This market has gone from 9.9 Billion Dollars in 2016 to 10 in 2018 and to an expected 13+ in 2022. It’s easy to notice the unlimited growth trend developing here.

​Build ​A Targeted Buyer's List

Use this product to build a TARGETED LIST of people willing to spend money on their self improvement. You can use this list afterwards to promote other self-help products to them.

​​Total Control

Want to raise the price? Do it! Want to customize it to match your own brand? Do it! You can edit, rebrand, or even translate to any language of your choice. You’ve got total control.

Here’s A Glimpse Of What Is Covered In This PLR Package:

What makes the Law of Attraction a LAW and how this works to our advantage.

How SCIENCE proves that the Law of Attraction works?

The REAL POWER that THOUGHTS have to produce material things.

​WHY everything is connected, and HOW that helps you manifest anything you want.

​The 7-STEP SECRET to use the Law of Attraction to produce results in REAL TIME.

​Why does it make MORE SENSE to use the Law of Attraction than not use it?

​The SECRET TECHNIQUES applied by luminaries like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey and Jim Carrey to achieve their life goals time and time again.

​The NUMBER ONE MISTAKE that is the reason 99% of the people fail with the Law of Attraction and HOW to avoid it.

​The ​SECRET SAUCE that will supercharge the manifesting power of your thoughts

How to use the Law of Attraction for MONEY, RELATIONSHIPS and WEIGHT LOSS, and much, much more!

​This Is Exactly What You Get


Feature 1: High Quality Illustrated Book in PDF Format (Value: $500)

How To Use The Law Of Attraction - This 130+ pages, 25,000+ words, beautifully formatted PDF Training Guide is chock full of up-to-date information with the most efficient MANIFESTATION TECHNIQUES of the Law of Attraction.

The included cutting edge information has been meticulously well researched and includes practical examples that can be implemented fast. It has been written by a fluent native English writer with experience in the field.


Feature ​2: Beautifully Designed Mindmap (Value: $100)

Understanding the Law of Attraction Mindmap - This beautifully crafted and colorful and eye-catching Mindmap teaches everything your customers require to understand the SECRETS of the Law of Attraction in one go.

Everything they will be learning throughout the whole training is presented in one easy-to-understand illustration.


Feature ​3: Printable Checklist (Value: $100)

How To Use The Law Of Attraction PRINTABLE CHECKLIST - This is the perfect tool to help your customers be successful in their quest attract anything they want at lightning speeds. With this PRINTABLE CHECKLIST, they won’t have to waste pages and pages guessing what’s required to be successful.

This checklist provides the single steps needed to manifest in general and it goes deeper by also providing the steps to specifically manifest for Money, Relationships and Weight Loss.


Feature ​4: Resource Cheat Sheet (Value: $100)

How To Use The Law Of Attraction RESOURCE CHEAT SHEET - With this Cheat Sheet, your customers will have in just one document, everything they need if they want to expand their knowledge about the Law of Attraction even more; independently of what their learning style might be, there is surely something for them in this cheat sheet that they can implement.


Feature ​5: Source Material In Editable Formats (Value: $100)

By getting ALL the “source materials” of every document, every page and every email in the package in editable MS-Word, TXT or PSD format, you’ll have the ability to PERSONALIZE your copy of the package and make it more unique and aligned with your personal or company brand.


Feature 6: 5 High Quality Articles (Value: $125)

If you were to get these HIGH QUALITY articles written by a ghostwriter, it would cost you, at least $25 per article. However, you’re getting them here as part of the whole bundle.

How can you use them? These articles can be used as is on your blog, or as inspiration for creating new content fast. They can also be converted into other formats like video or audio very easily.


Feature 7: Lead Magnet and Opt-in Page (Value: $200)

You get a HIGH QUALITY 36-page lead magnet ebook that you can use to attract targeted leads for your product. You also get a Done-For-You High Quality Squeeze Page.

The only thing you need to do is add your Opt-in form code and you’re ready to start building your targeted email list.


Feature 8: Ready-Made SEO Mobile-Friendly Sales Page (Value: $200)

This sales page was written with the help of a conversion expert ​to massively skyrocket your conversions​, so you have one less thing to worry about. You only need to change your OWN information, upload to your server and you’re ready to go.


Feature 9: High-Quality Image Pack (Value: $100)

This FULL SET of High Quality images designed by a Professional Graphic Designer, which will give your training package a more attractive and deluxe look. You’ll be given files in PSD format so you can edit them as you wish, or you can use the JPG/PNG versions ‘as is’ in your promotions. Your choice.

You’ll receive covers, artwork and everything necessary to sell the product and a whole lot more. We believe in going the extra mile and saving you PRECIOUS TIME.


Feature 10: 7-Day Promotional Email Swipes (Value: $100)

So that you can start promoting this life-changing product immediately, you will receive from us a 7-day series of promotional emails. You can use them as is, or you can modify them to make them your own.


As It Is Our Honest Desire To Help You Propel Your Business And Moneymaking Possibilities With This Full-Blown PLR Package To The Next Level, You Are Also Going To Receive…

If You Jump On This Opportunity TODAY:

​Bonus #1:

30+ "All-You-Need" Videos (Value $200)

This set of more than 30 videos will provide all the necessary information, starting from zero, to show you how to set up your PLR website in minutes.

From finding a suitable domain name, to uploading your files to your server and everything in between. You’ll get tips and tricks, as well as free tools that you can use to be much more effective setting everything up.

The videos are short and to the point. We understand that you want to get to the make money part as fast as possible, so we don’t waste your time with fluff that has nothing to do with the task at hand.

​Bonus #2:

21 "Deadly" Mistakes You Must Avoid In The Law Of Attraction (Value $200)

Not being aware of these DEADLY MISTAKES and doing everything possible to avoid them, will derail all your manifestation efforts completely and you’ll keep wondering where did it all go so wrong.

​Bonus #4:

23 "Area 51" Strategies To Use With The Law Of Attraction

 (Value $200)

These STATE-OF-THE-ART highly researched strategies, when used appropriately, will 10X your customer’s manifesting abilities and success with the Law of Attraction. We’re 100% sure some of these you’ve never heard in this context before. 

​Bonus #4:

​Masterclass Session With Marketing Genius Henry Gold (Value $200)

3 Insider Secrets to Cash-Out Big with Private Label Rights products

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